Concrete Epoxy Flooring CT Uses

Epoxy floor uses in Hartford

Finding a floor solution which stands the test of time is not easy. Each type of flooring can have its drawbacks. Hence, it is essential to pick the right material for your flooring. Epoxy flooring CT is worth considering as it bestows a wide array of benefits.

Epoxy floors are professional and bright. The appearance of these floors in inviting. They have an even and smooth surface which can be easily maintained and cleaned without much effort. Thus, you can reach us at Hartford Epoxy Flooring and let us know your project requirements. We proudly offer free quotes on all our epoxy, polished concrete and repair services. In addition to this, we educate the customers about the installation of residential epoxy floors and their installation in an effective manner.

Why Select Our Epoxy Flooring CT Services


Epoxy Concrete has turned out to be a prime choice for customers in a wide range of service sectors. Epoxy has a high resistance towards gasoline, oil, transmission fluid, bleach, cleansers and high foot traffic. It is considered to be one of the prominent flooring choices in the automotive industry and garages on an extensive scale. Epoxy Flooring is also known to be water and heat resistant. In addition to this, epoxy has high resistance towards germs and bacteria. Therefore, it is considered to be really easy to sanitize and ideal for medical industry flooring solutions such as hospitals, doctors offices and veterinary clinics.


An optimum reason why people prefer CT epoxy flooring is due to the fact that it has a longer lifespan, as compared to the other types of flooring options. Epoxy floor coatings are highly durable. They have the anti-fatigue feature and it is possible to roll them out at ease on the cement without glue or mortar.


The metallic epoxy floor has become the prime choice of a wide array of homeowners. The rates of these floors are ideal when comparing to other options that need to replaced every few years. . It is possible to install them directly over concrete and similar types of flooring. We try to work with every customer to beat competitor pricing.

We Offer Attractive CT Epoxy Flooring Surfaces

Aside from being highly resistance, durable and easy to clean, Epoxy flooring is a beautiful solution for your home or business. Epoxy and polished concrete is available in a wide array of styles and colors. You can select a solid color for the creation of decorative patterns with the use of several colors for the creation of durable and attractive flooring solution.

Many homeowners love epoxy flake flooring services as well. Contact us at Hartford Epoxy Flooring at 860-410-4200 to explore all the flooring options we have available.  We also offer free quotes on all our epoxy flooring services.  Our team of expert professionals have several years of experience in the industry installing different types of epoxy floors. Call us today!